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Culture and people QP Group

QP Group believes that human resources are the most valuable asset on the journey to create sustainable values for the Group.

At QP Group, each individual is given the opportunity and encouraged to develop their full potential to create breakthrough values, and at the same time, have a clear career path to help each individual firmly step on the career path. , developing together with the Group. Every effort and dedication of each individual is appreciated and rewarded.

Positions that QP Group is recruiting


  • Job Title: Deputy Director of Construction
  • Department: Construction industry
  • Rank and position title: Vice president
  • Management level, direct reporting: Board of manager
  • Working time: Official working hours


General management of construction projects

  • General supervision of project operations
  • Implementation and coordination of technical infrastructure systems with architecture, structure, MEP, landscape discipline, etc.
  • Monitoring the establishment of plans and progress of construction of low-rise and high-rise building projects.
  • Coordination of construction activities, manpower, and materials for the project.

Coordinating with the Commander in charge of construction planning

  • Detailed and clear construction plan: Construction stages, quantity of raw materials, time frame, number of workers, costs, and profits when implementing the project
  • Careful monitoring of construction plan, provision of technical documents, technical assessment, quality control, and project quantity.

Construction and installation management, management of technical documents

  • Supervise the quality of construction and check the quantity documents.
  • Managing construction and installation activities, technical management, various types of documentation, and technical materials.
  • As a representative of the company, work with relevant parties to ensure that documentation and construction quality meet requirements and comply with current legal regulations
  • Administrative management of construction and installation activities, monitoring of manpower and construction quality, and tracking of project progress.

Coordinate with departments for the review of infrastructure system design

  • Coordinate with departments: Provide design documents, prepare tender documents for infrastructure packages, and calculate Cost-Plan.
  • Transfer contractor’s documents to infrastructure design consulting company, technical documents of tender packages, and monitor progress and evaluate technical aspects of tender packages with the consulting company.
  • Coordinate to check the quality of infrastructure design consulting company’s design.
  • Coordinate with architectural, structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), and legal departments to prepare DTM (digital terrain model), fire prevention and fighting design documents, and construction drawings for infrastructure.

Other jobs

  • Prepare reports and evaluate project progress
  • Other tasks as requested by Board of Directors
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